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DISCLAIMER: Tongue & Groove design will vary depending on sizes. Slats are a set width of 70mm with varying margins either side. As door size increases, so does the number of slats required. Some doors will have an even number of slats, while others will have an odd number of slats.

*Click to expand. Images on the website are for guidance only.

**Please note, Drawer Fronts and Mirror Doors come with edge profile only (Pencil Round) as standard.

Tongue & Groove - Solid Robe

Sold Robe

Tongue & Groove (Edge Profile Only) - Mirror Full Robe

Mirror Robe (Edge Profile**)

Tongue & Groove - Cupboard Door


Tongue & Groove (Edge Profile Only) - Drawer Front

Drawer Front**

Tongue & Groove - Profile View

Profile View

Tongue & Groove - Headboard


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